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Platform shows promise in facilitating brain-machine communication and providing pain relief for patients

(MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.) July 11, 2023 – Fasikl, a Minnesota-based neuro-AI company, is developing AI-supported neural technologies with the mission of making a profound difference in the wellbeing of patients’ lives. Building on a decade of intensive research, the company has developed an advanced neural technology platform that can facilitate therapies capable of advancing and improving existing and traditional medical approaches.

“Our research and experience developing this technology leads us to anticipate a substantial transition towards intelligent bioelectronic medicine, with artificial intelligence assuming a central role in managing therapies for enhanced patient outcomes.” said Dr. Zhi Yang, CEO of Fasikl.

Today, Fasikl announced that it has received two simultaneous breakthrough device designations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its minimally invasive implantable platform:

The MindForceTM NCI System is a nerve-computer interface system that enables amputees and paralyzed patients to effortlessly control a robotic hand or computer device, with precise control over individual finger joints and allows them to be able to do everyday tasks, simply by thinking.

The EpioneTM system effectively alleviates chronic, intractable postamputation pain by recreating sensations through peripheral neurostimulation.

FDA’s Breakthrough Device Program is designed to speed up the development, assessment, and review of innovative medical technologies that provide for more effective treatment of life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions.

The technology’s unique approach eliminates the need for invasive brain surgery. It enables amputees without an arm to naturally control individual fingers of a robotic hand. Notably, it is also the first of its kind to simultaneously alleviate post-amputation pain, a condition experienced by approximately 80% of amputees.

By developing neural AI models and integrating them into the platform, Fasikl has achieved the capability to perform real-time analysis and decoding of human intentions. Fasikl’s products efficiently capture neural signals from nerves, offering a resolution at both the fascicle and fiber level. This rich neural data informs AI-driven therapeutic interventions and enhances the effectiveness of the therapy provided.

Fasikl is unlocking new possibilities for individuals with physical disabilities. Their technology provides less invasive, innovative therapies to patients. The continued advancement of brain-machine technology will significantly benefit amputees and paralyzed patients.

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About Fasikl:

Fasikl Inc. is a neuro-AI company developing AI-supported neural technologies. It is a spin-off from the University of Minnesota, founded in 2019. Fasikl’s products harness their proprietary technology that acquires neural signals from nerves to inform AI-driven therapy. Their mission is to propel progress in neurotherapies, pioneering treatments that make a profound difference in the wellbeing of the patients they serve.

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